On October 1, 2008, at 3pm in the ATO chapel in Deerfield, IL, the Center will sponsor a Scripture and Ministry lecture by Dr. Phil Ryken, Senior Pastor, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA. The lecture is entitled “The Suffering and the Glory: Pastoral Ministry in Union with Christ” and will cover the following, among other matters: What is the meaning and purpose of suffering in the work of pastoral ministry? What hope do we have that preaching the gospel will make a lasting difference for Christ? The rich biblical doctrine of union with Christ provides a complete theological and practical context for understanding both tragedy and triumph in the ordinary work of the pastor.

Dr. Philip Ryken has experienced both the cross and the empty tomb in his ministry at Philadelphia’s historic Tenth Presbyterian Church, where he has preached for thirteen years. The author of thirty Bible commentaries and other books on Christianity, culture, and the church, Dr. Ryken has a passion for the local church and for connecting people in ministry to the life-giving work of the crucified and risen Christ.

The Center anticipates an excellent event with Dr. Ryken and encourages all to attend the free and stimulating lecture.