David Wells of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary will be speaking at ATO Chapel next Wednesday, October 29th at 3pm on behalf of the Henry Center’s Scripture & Ministry Lecture Series.  His free lecture is entitled, “How, Then, Should We Preach to Postmodern Persons?”

In anticipation of this stimulating lecture, the Center asked him a teaser question:

What is a postmodern person?

“Postmodern is how we are speaking about our current cultural mood.  While in some ways we become more and more modern—more technological advances, more information, more medical breakthroughs, and more things—in terms of a world-and-life view, we are adrift.

The old Enlightenment paradigm with its belief in unaided, naturalistic reason, human potential, and the prospect of progress have all collapsed.  In the way we think about our lives, we are not modern but postmodern because we think about ourselves differently from what was true up though the 1960’s.”

For more such insight, join us next Wednesday, October 29th at 3pm in the ATO chapel for a free lecture.