The Henry Center announces that Bradley Nassif, Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies, North Park University, will replace Thomas Oden in the Henry Center’s Scripture & Ministry lecture series on January 21-22, 2009.  Dr. Oden had to withdraw due to scheduling difficulties.

The Center eagerly anticipates Dr. Nassif’s hour-long lecture on January 21, 2009 on “Scripture and the Quest for Holiness in Christian Antiquity.”  The following is a snapshot of the talk’s focus:

“Contemporary Christians are increasingly turning to the past for wisdom and guidance in the 21st century. While some of the past is best left behind, other portions offer burried treasures for Christian life and ministry. This lecture will examine the nature of holiness in the great Desert Fathers and Mothers in Egypt, Palestine and Syria from the 3rd – 6th centuries, with an emphasis on the role of Scripture in personal development and pastoral counselling. We’ll examine the rise of the great desert disciples and the role Scripture
played in cultivating a life of holiness. For them, the Word was not only to be interpreted with the mind, but also to be “seen” as an exegeted text. A wholistic “hermeneutic of the desert” emerged in the context of personal discipleship and a life of prayer, fasting and
inner watchfulness.”

Please do note these change, and please do join us for what will be a stimulating and searching lecture.