piper-carson-275Please note the Gospel Growth conference from October 14-16, 2009 at TEDS. The Henry Center is a co-sponsor of this excellent conference, which is astonishingly cheap at $99 for pastors and just $59 for students.  The conference features D. A. Carson, Mark Dever, Philip Jensen, Tony Payne, David Helm, and Marty Sweeney.

This would be a terrific investment for a pastor, future pastor, student, scholar, and interested layperson.  It will help you center your ministry in the gospel, not statistics or any other measurement.  So many models and organizations clamor for emulation today, promising huge numbers and massive payoffs.  How refreshing to find a conference that emphasizes faithfulness both to Scripture and in ministry.

The Henry Center is pleased to be a co-sponsor of this conference with our friends from Matthias Media, Simeon Trust, and The Gospel Coalition.