1. The Henry Center is pleased to announce that it will offer two Hansen Fellowships in the coming year.  Hansen Fellowships, created by the generous support of G. Walter Hansen, provide two-year fellowships to TEDS PhD students to the tune of $10,000 per year.

Interested TEDS students are encouraged to download the form and turn it in to the Center by January 15, 2010.  DOWNLOAD HERE

2. Media from Craig Carter’s recent Scripture & Ministry lecture is now posted.  Visit the Recent Media page to view material from past weeks.

Augustine and the Secular in Christendom and Modernity | Video
Interview | Video

Below is the lecture description:

“Augustine and the Secular in Christendom and Modernity” This lecture addressed the growing relevance of Augustine in debates concerning secular space. Particular attention is given to how Augustine’s City of God delineates a positive conception of secular space and its role in civil society. A distinction between Augustinianism and Triumphalism is made to differentiate Augustine’s conception of the secular from the secularism and statism of many modern statist projects.