The Henry Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Richard Mouw’s recent Scripture and Ministry Series lecture and interview are now posted free of charge for the viewing of the general public.

January 20, 2010 | Richard Mouw | Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA “Confessions of an Evangelical Pietist” (1pm in ATO Chapel at TEDS)

The Christian community needs to work at integrating our doctrine, action and piety (“head, hands and heart”). But which takes priority? And a closely related issue: what, in the most basic sense, is the Bible trying to “do” to us? Shape the way we think? Guide us in the activist programs we align ourselves with in the word? Transform our inner life? Obviously, all three are crucial. In this lecture, Richard Mouw explains why he keeps coming back to the fundamental need to be guided in everything else by the kind of piety that characterized the “sawdust trail” of our revivalist past.

Confessions of an Evangelical Pietist | Video | Audio | Audience Q&A (Audio)
Interview | Video | Audio