The Henry Center is pleased to cosponsor the Jonathan Edwards and the Church lecture series with the Jonathan Edwards Center at TEDS. This series will feature the best Christian Edwards scholars in the world in conversation with clergy who are interested in Edwards and his legacies to the church.

George Marsden, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History Emeritus at University of Notre Dame, will be giving the opening lecture on Edwards and beauty.

The lecture will be on November 3, 2010 at 1pm at the ATO chapel on the campus of TEDS; it is free and all are welcome.

Pastor Colin Smith of the Orchard Evangelical Free Church (Arlington Heights, IL) will be responding to Dr. Marsden’s lecture.

This lecture series is co-sponsored with the Henry Center for Theological Understanding.

The title of Dr. Marsden’s talk is “Jonathan Edwards for the Twenty-first Century.” What are the most helpful insights that we can gain from Jonathan Edwards’s theology today? This lecture uses the contrast between Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Edwards in the eighteenth century to reflect on some of the most characteristic traits of later American culture to which Edwards’s “theology of active beauty” provides particularly helpful alternatives.