Location: Trinity International University (TEDS/TGS Chapel)
Date: August 5, 1979
Scripture: John 1; 2Cor 4:6

In a world of economic and political turmoil, where comfort and stability are foreign concepts and escape from reality through drugs and permissiveness often seems to be the norm rather than the exception, Carl Henry resounds a call to remember the logos of God. Henry says that the revelation of the logos of God provides meaning, purpose and hope in a world without any of these qualities. The prologue to John’s Gospel and its depiction of the eternal, personal and divine logos calls on us to believe, despite the darkness of the world around us, in the assurance of the one who is at the center of God’s great plan of history. The great gospel of Jesus Christ is power and hope for the believing community in a world that is unstable and threatening. As Henry says, “Jesus became something that he is not so that we might become something that we are not – the sons of God.”



“What a word it has for the day when multitudes of peoples live unreasoning lives, and who are carried away by the existential tide of our generation, in the day when multitudes have become disenchanted because the Vietnam war ended in an unintelligible conclusion and even the United Nations seems to live in irrational existence, and when the mass media mirrors to our day permissiveness as the norm of modernity and when a whole generation of young people has arisen for whom the biggest thrill in life seems to be hallucinatory drugs, to this generation John…says at the beginning of his Gospel – behold the logos of God!”