intergenerational partnership

A 1st generation Latino was known in his church for having conflicts with the young people. He never interacted with him with love or patience. But, one day he was invited to participate in an intergenerational activity, designed to creatively engage 1st and 2nd generation Latinos in relationship. Together they walked through their community, taking notes on all they observed and praying together for the people around them. Both generations answered the question, What gifts are people bringing as gifts that will serve and bless one another? Then, they were invited to create a mural expressing what they saw and where they saw the Spirit of God calling them into their community.

During this event, the aging gentleman met Raul. Raul was an excellent artist, bringing his talent fully into the mural project. The gentleman was amazed by Raul’s gift as he expertly helped create beautiful community art. As the day concluded, the man turned to Raul offering an apology, “I never thought I would learn anything from a young person, but I need your forgiveness. Today I saw that the prophet Joel is right! The dreams of the old and the visions of the young can come together, as we prayed and worked together. Today, I learned from you.”

Intergenerational and Intercultural Partnerships Track participants continue to explore these and other stories of partnerships that can develop over long periods under faithful leadership in HANA communities. Together they are learning why and how to bridge the experiences, cultures, realities, and differences of 1st and 2nd generations. Track participants hope to be able to provide a fuller picture of the complexities, realities, and possibilities that can exist to encourage partnership in gospel ministry among generations together.

Each track will prepare a chapter to be published in a book forthcoming from the HANA Consultation, to be edited by Dr. Peter Cha and Dr. Juan Martínez.