steve-mathewson_banner-imageThe Henry Center welcomed Libertyville Pastor Steve Mathewson for the second of three Timothy Series during the 2013-2014 academic year. Pastor Mathewson brings thorough experience from the pulpit and the lectern, having not only pastored for twenty-seven years, but also taught in various capacities throughout his time in the ministry.

Steve put on display his passion and talent for narrative preaching, otherwise seen in his The Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative (2002). He offered a great example of how to preach Old Testament narrative by following the contours of the story rather than reducing it to propositional exposition. Mathewson’s message, entitled “When God gives you more than you can handle,” could be summarized as follows:

As believers we are often told that God will not give us more than we can handle. Pastor Steve Mathewson suggests from his understanding of Scripture in conjunction with an array of pastoral experience that not only does God give us situations we cannot handle, but he does so to teach us how to live as a people who depend on him. David’s experience in 1 Samuel 30 provides readers of Scripture with an example of what happens when someone indeed experiences an overwhelming set of circumstances. When David reaches a breaking point, his response is to go to the Lord for help and guidance. He gives us more than we can handle for a purpose. As we depend on him in these situations we, like David, gradually learn to be gracious people. That is, when we Christians depend on God, He shows us his grace and transforms us into gracious people, a quality we all need, but especially as we move into pastoral ministry.

Steve Mathewson, CrossLife Evangelical Free Church

Steve Mathewson, CrossLife Evangelical Free Church

Following the sermon given by Mathewson over chapel, a time of Q & A ensued over lunch in Hinkson hall. This portion of the afternoon was filled with the community together enjoying food, fellowship, and intentional conversation. The time allowed for the students, faculty, and staff of Trinity to engage with Pastor Steve more directly. Much of the discussion concerned life as a pastor. This involved such concerns as balancing family life with the demands of the pastorate, discerning the right proportion of time for sermon preparation, persevering through the messiness of ministry, and relating to our congregants despite our vocational differences. Throughout his time with the Trinity community, Pastor Mathewson exhibited a willingness to think seriously about both what Scripture teaches and what are the practical particulars of pastoral ministry.

Join us for Pastor Mathewson’s second contribution to the Trinity family Thursday, February 27th at 11:00 in chapel and the luncheon following in Hinkson (pizza included)!