In last week’s sermon we heard Dr. Henry show us how our true image is found in Christ. In contrast to the world which offers us transitory and ultimately meaningless sources of identity, God, in the life of Jesus, shows us how to be truly human. We have in Christ the pattern for humanity which does not slip in the face of life’s turmoils.


Nu. 8: The Greatest Text on Freedom

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It seems that our world today admires nothing more than it does freedom. Our culture speaks of what is free and of freedom ad nauseum, but it seems there is always a hidden catch or a snare lurking in the shadows. We are all consumed with our quest to be free from all constraints, though just what we are supposed to do with our hard-won liberty is less certain. In September of 1981, just as the political world was becoming more tense as the Cold War was entering a newly confrontational phase, Dr. Henry preached this sermon on John 8:32 at Westminster Chapel in London. In contrast to the supposed freedom of the philosophers, who have been promising a new world for centuries now, the Bible provides the basis of true human freedom, a freedom that is not subject to the whims of the current powers that be. Here Dr. Henry rebukes the answer of Marxism which promises freedom to those who submit to their totalitarian rulers as well as the hyper-individualism of the West which makes each person a little tyrant, free to act without regard to anyone else’s harm.