Last week we heard the challenge to us that we would orient our lives by Christ as the Logos of God, the exegete of the Father, and the perfect human being. We find our identity not in empty materialism or utopian socio-political movement but in him who is forever before the face of God.

Nu. 6: The Risen Christ and the Radiant Church

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Expanding on that theme, we now hear Dr. Henry reminding us that living in the light of Christ is more than philosophical speculation or individualistic self-expression. It is a way of life, built on the relationship between the second person of the Trinity and both ourselves as individuals and with the others who comprise the Bride of Christ.

In this September 1981 sermon given at London’s Westminster Chapel, Henry points us to the power and the passion of the Early Church. There, he tells us, we see a people united and empowered, not by arid intellectualisms or humanistic social reform, but by a shared hope in the reality of Christ’s incarnation, passion, resurrection, and eternal session. Stunned alive by his crucifixion, they were shocked alive by his resurrection.

As the world around us wearies of the empty hopes of the cacophonous materialism, our response is to live as the church. Rather than following the world’s lead of finding our strength and purpose in our own resources, we become more who we are meant to be when we live with fellow believers through him who remains God even as he became human.