The Henry Center is excited to kick-off the 2014-2015 calendar of events on the important but often under-developed subject of the church & reconciliation.
Join us as we talk about the doctrine of reconciliation and its implications for life and ministry. Featuring our own faculty—Peter Cha, Harold, Netland, and Michael Reynolds—and moderated by President emeritus and Senior “Reconciliation is bigger and more beautiful than most of us imagine.” Greg Waybrightpastor of Lake Avenue Church (Pasadena, CA), the evening is sure to include a combination of theological insight and rich, pastoral experience. Here are the details:

Wednesday, Sept 10

ATO Chapel


Come early for coffee and something sweet (refreshments begin at 6:30). Stay until the end as we engage in a lively discussion with our panelists, sure to engage the full spectrum of issues, from personal dynamics like forgiveness, envy, hate, to wider, more contentious  social issues.

A short interview with Greg Waybright

In preparation for tomorrow night’s event, the Henry Center ask Pastor Waybright a few questions:

henrycenter: Why does the doctrine of reconciliation matter for the the church and ministry?

Greg Waybright:  God loves to bring broken things in his creation together.  Reconciliation stands at the heart of God’s work in this world.  And, according to 2 Corinthians 5, God has given the ministry, message and mandate of reconciliation to those who have been made alive through faith in Christ.  If that’s true, we had better be clear about what reconciliation is — and then we had better be at the task God has given us the privilege to be involved in.

henrycenter: What might someone hope to learn from the conversation?

Greg Waybright: That reconciliation is bigger and more beautiful than most of us imagine.  In the church I serve, reconciliation is the issue that stands at the hub of all our ministries.  If we can grasp that the central vehicle for God’s reconciling work is local churches incarnationally planted in neighborhoods in this broken world, then we will see how this biblical truth of reconcilation provides focus, direction and motivation for our service in the world.