John Boys on Luke 24:1-8

Mary and the other women sought Christ on the first day of the week, and in the first hour of the day, but many put off seeking the Lord until the last week of their life, the last day of the week, the last hour of the day, the last minute of the hour. While the ship is sound, the tackle Fra_Angelico_019sure, the pilot well, the sailors strong, the wind favorable and the sea calm, it is a risky course to lie idle at anchor, playing cards and dice, drinking and wasting the seasonable weather, and only launch forth and hoist up sail for a voyage to a distant country when the ship leaks, the pilot is sick, the mariners faint, the storms boisterous and the sea full of raging surges. Yet these “evening repenters,” when they are in the morning of youth, with soundness of health and the perfect use of their reason, cannot resolve to weigh the anchor and cut the cable that holds them back from seeking Christ. Nevertheless they convince themselves with a strong persuasion that when their wits are distracted, their senses dazed and all the powers of their mind and parts of their body are disordered, they will suddenly be able to become saints on their death, no matter how much they may have demeaned themselves as devils all of their life.

~Luke, ed. Beth Kreitzer, Reformation Commentary on Scripture, NT Vol. III, p. 476-477