Huldrych Zwingli on Luke 24:13-18

ra15-300x236That same day on which the Lord had risen, two of those seventy disciples whom the Lord had chosen while he was living went forth. It appears that these disciples fled out of fear of the persecution which they believed to be at hand. This history also teaches that what Christ promised was true, namely, that he would be present even if there were only two gathered together in his name. God is always present with his children, even when they think he is the least there. That is when he reminds them of himself, telling them what counsel is the best to take and manifesting himself to them. Moreover, he speaks externally by his Word, by his sacraments and finally by all his creatures, to stir up and provoke us to praise him. God therefore is always and everywhere present with us, a judge and an observer not only of all our deeds but also of our thoughts. This teaches us to live honestly with fear and great reverence before him. For if we are ashamed to commit vile deeds when people can see us, how much more ought we to be ashamed to commit any such thing in God’s sight?

~Luke, ed. Beth Kreitzer, Reformation Commentary on Scripture, NT Vol. III, p. 482