Peter Walpot on Acts 2:42-47

Community is and can mean nothing other than out of love for neighbor to share everything equally or in common and not to have anything of one’s own. This cannot happen any more nobly, better or perfectly than for each person to present himself and to place himself and his things in common use, as here they desire to suffer both the bad and the good, even the lovely and the terrible. Wherever someone strives to be a debtor, member and advocate for his neighbor, that is where the Christian church and community of the saints is, which does not act tyrannically or unnaturally, nor is this impossible, where love dwells. If fleshly fathers, who live somewhat wickedly, willingly deprive themselves of food so that they can support and help their children, and also if a mother forcibly removes something from her own starving stomach and regurgitates it for her own dear child [as a mother bird does with her chicks], should not believers be able to hold their temporal goods together and in common with each other? Any other way would be unchristian!

Acts, eds. Esther Chung-Kim and Todd R. Hains, Reformation Commentary on Scripture, NT Vol. VI, p. 37.