The resurrection is good news for us, but do we treat it as good news for others, or are we content to have won eternity ourselves? What did Christ himself teach us to do?

A Lutheran theologian and pastor, Johannes Brenz (1499–1570) preached the Reformation message in Schwäbisch-Hall, Württemberg, and Tübingen. Here, Brenz teaches that once Christ had demonstrated the truth of his resurrection, he sought to turn the attention of his disciples to the preaching of the gospel throughout the whole world, so that the benefit of his resurrection could be brought to all.

Christ’s Resurrection Must Be Preached for the Benefit of All

After our Savior Christ had proved by clear and evident signs to his disciples that he was risen from death to life, he proceeded to set forth what would be necessary in order to expand the borders of his kingdom and to set forth that glory of his majesty on earth.

For Christ came into the world not only to benefit the nation of the Jews but also that he might be salvation to the whole world. Christ rose again from death, not that this person or that one might have life but that the happiness of everlasting life might be offered to all nations.

And there is no better and convenient instrument through which these things might be revealed to the whole world and to all nations than the preaching of the gospel concerning Christ. And that is why Christ did not only prove his resurrection before his disciples but also ordained that open preaching of the gospel which would bring the benefit of his resurrection to all of us.

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