Classical Christian creeds begin with a confession about the doctrine of creation, declaring that God is “Creator of heaven and earth.”

Yet, within many evangelical and Protestant contexts, the doctrine has received scant theological and pastoral attention, having been subsumed under the more important (and supposedly separable) matters of redemption and sanctification.

The reemergence of attention to creation in recent decades has done little to recover the doctrine. Evangelical teaching and pastoral guidance on the doctrine of creation have often so narrowly focused on questions of cosmological and biological origins that key elements of the doctrine have remained underdeveloped. Accordingly, recovering a comprehensive doctrine of creation that attends to biblical topics like ex nihilo, goodness, and divine action (among others) offers fertile ground for homiletic explication and Christian education.

Fall Semester

John Oswalt (Scripture & Ministry), “Creatio ex Nihilo: Is It Biblical, and Does It Matter?” | Learn More

Gerald R. McDermott (Edwards & the Church), “Jonathan Edwards and ‘the Nature of Things’: Reclaiming a Doctrine of Creation for the Reformation Tradition” | Learn More

Marc Cortez (Scripture & Ministry), “The Natural, the Supernatural, and the Meaning of Creation” | Learn More

Spring Semester

Katherine Sonderegger (Scripture & Ministry), “Faithfulness in an Age of Technology: Theological Reflections on Nature and the Natural” | Learn More

Oliver Crisp (Trinity Symposium), “Jonathan Edwards on Creation” | Learn More

Craig Bartholomew (Scripture & Ministry), “The Goodness of Creation and Its Ethical Implications” | Learn More

Two Day Conference

A Modern Creature: Science and the Doctrine of Creation in Modern Theology

Speakers include Kevin Hector, Bradley Gundlach, D. Stephen Long, Murray Rae, Fred Sanders, Christoph Schwöbel, Katherine Sonderegger, Kevin Vanhoozer, and Stephen Williams.

Learn More

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