For many, the confession of our resurrected bodies is often of little consequence, encumbered as we are in our present life with corrupted bodies that will ultimately fade away. In his “Twelve Articles of the Christian Faith” radical Anabaptist Balthasar Hubmaier (1480/85-1528) exclaims, however, that whatever happens to our earthly bodies, on the day of the resurrection we will celebrate our return in a body made new, prepared for the life to come.


I believe and confess the resurrection of the body. Yea, of this very body that now clothes me. Even if it should be consumed by worms, drowned, decomposed, burned; yea and even if my temporal honor, property, body, and life are taken away, I will still first receive the true honor that is valid before God, imperishable possessions, and impassable, transfigured, immortal body, and eternal life on the day of the joyous resurrection of my flesh. O my mild Lord Jesus Christ, strengthen and preserve me in faith!

1 Corinthians, ed. Scott M. Manetsch. Reformation Commentary on Scripture, vol. 9a, p. 391.