We are pleased to announce the Henry Center Public Events for this academic year. The following six lectures are free and open to the public; registration is required. Join us, in person or online, for the opportunity to listen to leading theologians, biblical scholars, and philosophers, as they explore human personhood in theological and scientific perspective.

In the Image of God He Created Them: Human Personhood

Few phrases in the Bible have stood as persistently at the head of theological reflection as “the image of God”—both as created and fallen “in Adam” and made anew “in Christ.” For generations, this shorthand expression has provided the church with the biblical answer to the question of what it means to be human. Yet, however perennial the idea may be, theologians and biblical scholars have yet to arrive at a consensus about its meaning in Genesis and its reverberations in the New Testament. This uncertainty within biblical interpretation has been accompanied by wider socio-cultural confusion and disagreement about our human nature. In this yearlong lecture series, the Henry Center will engage afresh the most intimate of all questions that confront us: who and what are we?


Fall Semester

Russell Moore, September 16
“Paradox Lost: Longing, Alienation, and the Mystery of Humanity in a Technological Age” | Learn More

Justin Barrett, September 30
“Evolutionary Theology? The Problem of Human Thriving with a Stone-aged Mind” | Learn More

Ephraim Radner, October 28
“Christ the Second Adam: What It Means to Say That Our Personal Identity Is Not Our Particular Possession” | Learn More

Spring Semester

Han-luen Kantzer Komline, January 27
“The Art of Willing: God’s Grace and Human Willing in Augustine’s Preaching” | Learn More

Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, March 24
“The Self’s Symphonia: Listening Notes” | Learn More

Willie James Jennings, April 14
“The Preaching Creature: Touching the Art of Theological Anthropology” | Learn More

Spring Theology Conferences

At Home in the Cosmos? Theological Anthropology for a Scientific Age

Beeson Divinity School | Birmingham, AL, January 13–15, 2022 | Learn More

Divine Action in Historical and Contemporary Context

Covenant Theological Seminary | St. Louis, MO, March 11–12, 2022 | Learn More


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