About the Creation Project

The Creation Project is a three year initiative designed to nurture evangelical engagement with the doctrine of creation in all of its historical, theological, and scientific complexity. Throughout the initiative Sapientia will host an ongoing conversation that provides up-to-date, expert, theological reflection on the pressing issues facing evangelicals within the doctrine of creation, and at the intersection of contemporary science and theology.

About Human Flourishing

The Henry Center, in conjunction with wider initiatives at Trinity International University and a burgeoning movement within the Evangelical Free Church, has been doing some thinking about the intersection between faith, work, and economics. The movement is led by Don Guthrie, who has been involved in the conversation for nearly a decade, but many other faculty are involved in multiple ways. Sapientia is currently housing several of these conversations.

About Witchcraft Accusations

Health problems, death, infertility, and financial problems are widely attributed to “witches” thought to be acting through evil occult power. Elderly women are the ones most often alleged to be witches, among other vulnerable groups. Through a 2012 Henry Center grant, African Theologian Tite Tiénou and Missiologist Bob Priest, both TEDS faculty members, have spearheaded an international, interdenominational conversation.

About Theology & the Arts

Poetry, criticism, reviews, interviews, essays, and visual art that represent and develop the aesthetic dimension of divine image-bearing. Evangelicals often lack the exposure to and training in the arts that would enable more active engagement and appreciation. This is where Sapientia does its part to change that.

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