Elizabeth Sung

Elizabeth (Lisa) Sung, Ph.D., is a systematic theologian and a spiritual director. She is Visiting Associate Professor in Theology at Regent College (Vancouver, Canada); Visiting Professor at Northeastern Seminary (Rochester, NY); Visiting Researcher at The University of Saint Mary of the Lake (Mundelein, IL); and Theologian-in-Residence at The InterVarsity Institute. In both academic and ministry contexts, she teaches theology to foster the lived reality of personal integrity and flourishing in Christ as the catalyst for missional living, in a framework that explicitly reconnects systematic theology to spiritual formation, moral transformation, and world service. Elizabeth Sung was a professor and TEDS for nine years and a Hansen Fellow from 2002-04. Her research area is Systematic Theology, specializing in theological anthropology. She is particularly interested in expanding the doctrine of humanity beyond its traditional scope, by appropriating spiritual theology and social science theorizing relative to culture, ethnicity, and racialization to develop a fuller theological account of human persons and what makes for human flourishing in accordance with God’s design.