Sagar Mekwan

Sagar Mekwan is a PhD student in Old Testament at TEDS and currently an Assistant Book Review Editor for Trinity Journal. His research areas are reading the Psalter as a Book and Old Testament hermeneutics with a dissertation focus on the Book IV (Pss 90–106) of the Psalter. Before pursuing his doctoral studies, Sagar served as a missionary in India and a local pastor in South Korea. He continues to pastor a church and enjoys preaching and teaching along with doctoral research. Before coming to Trinity, Sagar has received an MSc in Electronics from the School of Sciences, India, an MDiv from the Asian Center for theological studies and Mission, Korea, and a ThM in Old Testament from TEDS. He and his wife Jihye and their three children, Ellyn, Elise, and Elliot, live in Deerfield, IL. Sagar enjoys gardening and has acquired a recent interest in ice-fishing.