The Deerfield Dialogue Group (DDG) is a discussion group that brings TEDS faculty together for regular high-level, theological conversation. These meetings take place four times annually in the homes of seminary faculty members. The DDG meetings provide a place where TEDS professors can receive feedback on their research before publication or presentation.

These meetings not only enable better scholarship, but allow faculty members to stay in touch with the research and publications of their colleagues and other disciplines. In this day and age, when it is all too easy for even seminary professors to grow hyper-specialized, to invest more in their disciplines than they do in their common labors as theological educators, this kind of consistent, interdisciplinary dialogue is crucial.


James Arcadi
Richard Averbeck
Stephen Greggo
Dana Harris
Michelle Knight
Te-Li Lau
David Luy
Scott Manetsch
Craig Ott
Madison Pierce
Eric Tully
Kevin Vanhoozer
Lawson Younger

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