Josh Moody (College Church, Wheaton)

January 21

ATO Chapel | 1:00-2:30 pm

“He was pouring in a flood of light upon mankind, which their eyes, as yet, were too feeble to bear.” Edwards’ vision of a substantively, radically, theocentric universe provides us with hands-on tools for contemporary apologetics, pastoral counsel, and theological engagement in ecclesia and academia. “In this age of light and inquiry” we too need to see that “there is not nor ever will be any man in the world Enlightened but by Jesus,” so to free us from a “selfie” age to a God-centered life.

RESPONSE: Nathan LeMahieu, Christ Church of Highland Park


Josh Moody (Ph.D., University of Cambridge) is senior pastor of College Church in Wheaton. His books include Burning Hearts (Christian Focus 2014), Journey to Joy (Crossway 2013), Jonathan Edwards and Justification (Crossway 2012), No Other Gospel (Crossway 2011), The God-Centered Life: Insights from Jonathan Edwards for Today (Regent 2007; IVP UK 2006), and Authentic Spirituality (Regent 2009; Kingsway 2000). He was an associate fellow of Jonathan Edwards College, Yale University (2007-2011), and his doctorate is published as Jonathan Edwards and the Enlightenment (UPA 2005). Josh grew up south of London in England, became a follower of Jesus in the Church of England, was an undergraduate at Cambridge University where he was president of the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union. He served as the college pastor at Eden Baptist Church in Cambridge, England, did pioneer mission work in the former Soviet Union countries of Georgia and Azerbaijan, and was senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in New Haven. For more, visit

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