Fundamental to Scriptural teaching on creation and to doctrine is the very idea of nature and the natural: we are placed in the midst of a fruitful world that is to be tended and imitated; we are to join in its joyful praise of our Lord. Yet Scripture also teaches us about artifacts and manufacture of all kinds: city walls and streets, houses and the goods in them, the design and fashioning of every decorative and devout element of the Temple, the heavenly Jerusalem, a City of God. How should Christians attentive to these lessons think about technology? We are surrounded by it; we are fascinated by it; it controls much of our lives. Has this supplanted nature in Christian lives; should it? In this lecture, Katherine Sonderegger will reflect upon how a Christian shaped by the Doctrine of Creation should approach such complex and every-day matters.

Free luncheon and discussion with D. Stephen Long and Katherine Sonderegger following the lecture, in partnership with the Center for Transformational Churches.



This lecture is free and open to the public.
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