Robust forms of Christian theism are unapologetically committed to the possibility and actuality of healing. In some cases this healing takes place through natural causes; in others through direct divine intervention. Moreover, in many cases healing does not take place. Once we allow both these propositions, devout believers are faced with two very challenging problems. How do we attribute divine causation to natural events? How do we reconcile the absence of healing with a strong doctrine of providence? This paper will seek to provide a persuasive response to these challenges.

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William J. Abraham (PhD Oxford University) is Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University. He is the author or editor of over 20 books on such diverse topics as evangelism, the inspiration of Scripture, Wesleyan theology, terrorism, and the existence of God. He recently completed the three-volume series Divine Agency and Divine Action (Oxford University Press, 2018–19).


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