This is our Father’s world. He created it, and it reflects the goodness and greatness of its Creator. But Scripture also shows us that this universe is a place where a cosmic conflict is playing out. When humanity was called to take part in this great drama, we rebelled. Humanity joined the war against our Creator. Instead of acting as faithful stewards, we squandered God’s gifts. Now Christ has reconciled us to God, and the Church is called to minister in this sin-damaged world.

The goal of this conference is to show the integral link between creation and redemption, to explore how evangelicals can recover important biblical themes concerning the goodness of creation, to examine the place and responsibility of humans in creation, and to present practical actions we should take now. As we explore these themes together, we want to glorify Christ and advance his kingdom.

This conference will be hosted by the Faith + Culture Forum at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and will be held virtually. Learn more and register at

Speakers Include:

Alister McGrath
Katharine Hayhoe
Norman Wirzba
Jonathan Wilson
Rusty Pritchard
and Mark Liederbach

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