Much Christian thinking about creation and environmental issues focuses only on the creation narratives and the concept of stewardship that they generate. We need to look further at the Bible’s insistence that creation itself constitutes a part of the glory of God, such that our actions in and with creation either enhance or diminish God’s glory. And we also need to build an eschatological dimension into our environmental theology and practice. What does the Bible say about the destiny of creation in the purposes of God, and how should that affect our attitudes and actions within it now?

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Panel discussion to follow with Christian Miller, Paul Nedelisky, Max Lee, and Oliver O’Donovan.

This event is made possible through the support of a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. The opinions expressed in this conference are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of the John Templeton Foundation.

Christopher J. H. Wright (PhD Cambridge University) is an Anglican clergyman and an Old Testament scholar. He is currently the International Ministries Director of Langham Partnership International. He was the principal of All Nations Christian College. He is an honorary member of All Souls Church, Langham Place in London, UK.

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