• Nicolas Wolterstorff
  • The God We Worship:
    A Liturgical Theology
  • 1-7 October 2013
    Yale University


  1. ‘Possibility’ in Biblical Perspective (Kantzer Lecture 4)

  2. ‘From Mirror to Window:’ Balthasar’s Reflections on Theology, Science, and Creation

  3. “I Hope You Dance”

  4. “I’m in it for Beauty:” A Conversation with David Dark

  5. A Call to Spiritual Transformation

  6. A Firm Foundation: Six Pillars of Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Death

  7. A Liturgy for Youth Pastors? A Dialogue with James Smith (3 of 3)

  8. A Man Sent from God


Nicolas Wolterstorff

Nicolas Wolterstorff

Nicholas Wolterstorff (Retired in June 2002) was Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology, and has taught at Yale since 1989. Previously, he taught at Calvin College, the Free University of Amsterdam, and the University of Notre Dame and has been visiting professor at several institutions. He has received many fellowships, including ones from the NEH and the Danforth Endowment. He is past President of the American Philosophical Association (Central Division) and serves on its publication and executive committees. He is on the editorial boards of Faith and Philosophy; Topics in Philosophy; and is also General Editor of the Supplementary Textbook Project of the Christian College Coalition and a member of the evaluation panels for the NEH. In addition to numerous articles, he has written the following books: Religion and the Schools; On Universals; Reason within the Bounds of Religion; Art in Action; Works and Worlds of Art; Education for Responsible Action; Until Justice and Peace Embrace; Faith and Rationality (co-author); Rationality in the Calvinian Tradition (co-author); Lament for a Son; and Keeping Faith: Talks for New Faculty. In upcoming years, he will be the Wilde Lecturer at Oxford University and the Gifford Lecturer at St. Andrew’s University.