How Do Humans Flourish?:

Danielle Sallade

Lexham Press

Experience life under Jesus’ yoke.

Everyone wants to succeed in life. But do you know what success looks like? Is true flourishing found in a busy life pursuing money, status, and experiences? Or is there a better way?

In How Do Humans Flourish?, Danielle Sallade argues that the Christian life leads to thriving. Many burden under the yoke of worldly success, resulting in stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. But true flourishing can be found only in peace, and that begins with a right relationship with God. Learn what true success looks like. Discover how you can value work rightly, find your identity in Christ, and live with an attitude of dependence on God. You too can flourish.


Danielle Sallade

Danielle Sallade (MDiv Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is a staff member of Princeton Evangelical Fellowship at Princeton University. She has been working with students in various capacities since 1994, and at Princeton Evangelical Fellowship, she particularly ministers to the women through Bible study and discipleship and offers pastoral care to the ever-growing alumni family.


Danielle Sallade shows how the Bible challenges our current culture of obsessive busyness and identity fulfillment through work. Danielle demonstrates how we can approach our work from a position that is grounded in Scripture and secure in our primary identity as a servant of Jesus.

Anna Megill, Campus Minister, Princeton Christian Fellowship

In her book on human flourishing, Danielle Sallade winsomely and patiently presses precious truths into the souls of her readers. Finding our identity in the finished work of Christ on our behalf. Mustering up the courage and trust to practice Sabbath. Prioritizing faithfulness over and above worldly productivity. Seeking treasure that can’t depreciate. I’ve passed these words onto numerous young men and women.

Curtis Saxton, Pastor, Ekklesia of North Philadelphia