How Do We Talk with Skeptics?:

Lexham Press

Share your faith and keep your friends.

You want your non-believing friends to be brothers and sisters in Christ. But how do you talk about Jesus without driving them away? When do you talk? When do you stay quiet?

In How Do We Talk with Skeptics?, Sam Chan shows you how to walk the tightrope by offering ten wise tips to keep the balance right. Listen well. Speak persuasively. Learn hospitality. Gently reveal the holes in your friend’s worldview. Gain wisdom on when to speak and when to listen. With Chan’s help, you can keep your friends while being a faithful witness for Christ.



The best thing about Sam’s book How Do We Talk with Skeptics? is not just that it’s practical, but it’s realistic. Sam anticipates the challenges we will face and shares ten tips to help us overcome them. As you read Sam’s tips you will find yourself thinking ‘yes—I was wondering how to do that.’ As an evangelism trainer, I recommend Sam’s tips to others. As a Christian who wants to talk about Jesus with my skeptical friends, I put them into practice.

Belinda Lakelin, Creator of “Plan A: The Great Commission for Every Christian” for the Baptist Association of NSW and ACT

Sam Chan is a compass for our complex times, guiding Christians through the culturally-fraught waters of commending Christ to others. The practical wisdom packed into this contribution is indispensable for anyone serious about having better God conversations.

Dan Paterson, Founder of Questioning Christianity; Speaker and Evangelist; Coauthor of Questioning Christianity

This is seriously awesome! I’ve read a lot of books on evangelism, and Sam Chan’s insight into the culture and the way forward in conversations is profound. What a blessing you are to us all. This is not to be put on the pile of books to be read ‘sometime,’ but this is one to be read tonight.

Julie-anne Laird, Director of Missional Engagement, City to City Australia; Canon for Church Planting, Melbourne Anglican Diocese