How Should Christians Think About Sex?:

Christopher Ash

Lexham Press

Why God cares about your sex life.

Everyone is talking about sex. Be true to yourself—love whomever and however you want. The world claims to be affirming and inclusive. But Jesus says to deny yourself. Is Christianity repressive?

In How Should Christians Think about Sex?, Christopher Ash turns to the Bible to find the wisdom and beauty in God’s good design. What is marriage? What is sexuality for? Only God’s word makes sense of it all. Jesus’ way is better, more liberating, and more affirming. Experience the freedom that comes through living not for your own gratification, but for God’s glory.


Christopher Ash

Christopher Ash (Theology, Oxford) is currently a Writer-in-Residence for Tyndale House. Some of his publications include Trusting God in the Darkness (Crossway, 2021); The Heart of Anger (with Steve Midgley) (Crossway, 2021) and Psalms for You (The Good Book Company, 2020).


This generation of Christians inhabit cultures that sometimes reject not only biblical revelation about reality, but also the reality of reality itself. The “Questions for Restless Minds” series poses many of the toughest questions faced by young Christians to some of the world’s foremost Christian thinkers and leaders.

Russel Moore, Editor in Chief, Christianity Today Public Theology Project

If you’re hungry to go deeper in your faith, wrestle with hard questions, and are dissatisfied with the shallow content on your social media newsfeed, you’ll really appreciate this series of thoughtful deep dives on critically important topics like faith, the Bible, friendship, sexuality, philosophy, and more. As you engage with some world-class Christian scholars, you’ll be encouraged, equipped, challenged, and above all invited to love God more with your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Andy Kim, Multiethnic Resource Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship