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    Carl Henry

    HCTU Mission

    The Henry Center for Theological Understanding is dedicated to the advancement of Christian wisdom in all areas of life and thought — for the glory of God, the good of his church, and the welfare of the world. We agree with the late Carl F. H. Henry, a long-time faculty member at Trinity, that Christian thought can and must make a difference in the academy, church, and world. We also believe that gospel labors are too important to be shouldered alone. Christians need a center for evangelical collaboration. We hope that experts of all specialties and backgrounds, in partnership with the HCTU, will work together to engage the pressing challenges of our day, both in the U.S. and around the world. We therefore provide unique opportunities for ministers, professionals, and academics to collaborate with seminary faculty for the promotion of gospel-centered thinking and living.

    The Henry Center for Theological Understanding serves a vital role within evangelicalism and has been on the forefront of evangelical scholarship in the United States for decades. I thank God for the time that I have spent at the Henry Center, which was profoundly enriching both to my faith and my scholarly work.

    Gavin Ortlund, President, Truth Unites

    HCTU Highlights

    • Our Projects

      We promote theological understanding through a variety of projects, all dedicated to the advancement of wisdom in the evangelical church and academy. Some projects recur annually and others are terminal. Check out our currently active programs and initiatives or view our “legacy” projects see what we’ve been up to in the past.

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    • Our Resources

      Over the past twenty years, we have produced a valuable collection of resources to help promote theological understanding. Between our Sapientia articles, lecture videos, and book publications, we have over a thousand resources available that advance Christian wisdom.

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    • Our Leadership

      The Henry Center is led by an advisory board consisting of TEDS faculty, denominational leaders, and local pastors. The center is managed by a small team of staff members along with the help of a few student assistants.

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    The Henry Center offers consistently clear and reliable Christian wisdom in an age full of confusion, self-proclaimed “experts,” and partisan, parochial, divisive Christian testimony. I pray that their influence will grow in years ahead—the church and the world need their leadership.

    Douglas A. Sweeney, Dean, Beeson Divinity School


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