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Sapientia is an online periodical dedicated to the cultivation of wisdom-oriented theological reflection in an age dominated by specialized knowledge and fragmented modes of inquiry.


We want to create a forum for thoughtful and engaged interdisciplinary conversations that explore and illumine the difficult questions facing the church. Founded in 2015, Sapientia was conceived as a hybrid between an academic journal, a news rag, and a blog, attempting to glean the unique contribution of each medium.

As the publishing arm of the Henry Center, Sapientia houses a diverse set of conversations related to its various initiatives, which are determined by the interests and projects of TEDS faculty and their wider network of partnership and collaboration. From time to time we will feature writers who do not share the doctrinal commitments of TEDS, but who deserve a thoughtful hearing and an informed, biblical response. We are happy to partner with individuals with differing stances, so long as we are all primarily committed to the advancement of God’s glorious gospel.


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