Deerfield Dialogue Group

The Deerfield Dialogue Group (DDG) is a discussion group that promotes the interdisciplinary interaction of the faculty of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.



    The Deerfield Dialogue Group (DDG) is a discussion group that brings TEDS faculty together for regular theological conversation. Four annual meetings take place in the homes of seminary faculty members, during which TEDS professors provide feedback on each other’s research before publication or presentation.

    These meetings not only promote better scholarship, but encourage faculty members to stay in touch with the research and publications of their colleagues from other disciplines. This regular interaction guards against tunnel vision, reminding faculty to participate in conversations outside their usual academic boundaries.

    It is hard to overestimate the value of interdepartmental fellowship over dinner and interdisciplinary feedback on one's work-in-progress. Home-cooked food, Christian fellowship, and critical feedback: what's not to like?

    Kevin J. Vanhoozer

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