A report live-blogged by Andy Naselli


The 2009 Kantzer Lectures in Revealed Theology by Dr. Stephen Williams

Williams is professor of systematic theology at Union Theological College in Belfast, Ireland. The title of the six-part series is “The Election of Grace: A Riddle without Resolution?” The fifth lecture in the series was advertised to address “election, regeneration and faith.”


  • Some have challenged the moderate single-predestination view that Williams presented in the previous lecture.
  • Charles Simeon: “There is not a decided Calvinist or Arminian in the world who equally approves of the whole of Scripture . . . who, if he had been in the company of St. Paul whilst he was writing his Epistles, would not have recommended him to alter one or other of his expressions.”
  • Paradox becomes sharper and not eased upon reflection.
  • Simeon exaggerates his point.
  • Immanuel Kant puzzled over moral agency.
  • Deut 29:29 = the theologian’s motto
  • Why do I need to know the nature and limits of human freedom? I can be held account for resisting grace yet cannot congratulate myself for accepting anything.
  • Williams is not persuaded by Calvin on justice.