img_0640The Henry Center is thankful for last night’s conversation on “All Israel”, held in friendly conjunction with Chosen People Ministries.  It was very gratifying to draw 275 people to ATO Chapel and to have well over a hundred more tune in by live webcast for a rich conversation on Scripture, theology, and the future of Israel.

We are also thankful for Drs. Feinberg and Averbeck, organizer and moderator of the event, respectively, for Dr. Mitch Glaser and all that he and his staff did to make this event a success, and for Drs. Moo and VanGemeren for participating.

It is richly encouraging to see nearly 300 people turn out for a high-level debate on a key text of God’s Word.  Those who announce the death of theology might be surprised to see such a reception, which accords with attendance at previous events like the recent Scripture & Ministry lecture by Ravi Zacharias (over 500 people live, over 100 online), and past Trinity Debates (the McCall/Yandell vs. Ware/Grudem had over 450 in person and hundreds online from all over the world, while the Netland vs. Knitter debate drew roughly 300).

Where theology is believed and argued passionately, it seems it can find a large audience in God’s providence.  And it need not be toothless and timid.  Attendance at conversations like “All Israel” show us that there is a definite place for godly disagreement and intellectual advocacy, especially when it is directed toward the edification of the church and, ultimately, the glory of God.

Media will be posted on this site and this blog in coming weeks.  img_0683