In last week’s sermon we were presented with Dr. Henry’s challenge to our freedom obsessed age. Where we strive to be free from all constraints and end up being slaves to our every passing impulse or handing our liberties to political saviors promising utopias to come tomorrow, life in Christ grants us the form and freedom we so desire.

Nu. 7: The Greatness God Has Prepared for Us

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For this week’s sermon we will hear Dr. Henry’s encouragement in the face of contemporary life’s ever-pressing dilemmas. The details of the world might seem to have changed since November of 1979 when he spoke in Conway, Arkansas, but our need of these words remains the same. Humanity is in despair over social deterioration and the threat of a military or ecological cataclysm, driving many to see themselves as cosmic dust in a silent universe. While Naturalism and Marxism place meaning for the world in simple matter and in evolutionary or political progress, the Apostle John reaches into the eternity before matter and shows Christ as the Logos of God. The hope of humanity is in the eternality, personality, and deity of Christ. Jesus has exegeted the Father to humanity, and he actively calls us to himself. Intellectual honesty demands of us that we see the reality of the problems we face, but, at the same time, the biblical revelation recalls for us the hope grounded in Christ, who is before the face of Father.