Our previous entry focused in on the importance of the Image of God in the world of medical science. Without a firm grasp of humanity’s spiritual component, we lose our ethical footing when dealing with the material aspect. Without recognizing the grander purpose for human existence, we cannot fully live as we ought.

Nu.1: The Enduring Greatness of Abraham

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In a similar fashion, this week’s talk unites material moves with heavenly horizons. In this sermon on Hebrews 11 and Genesis 23, given at First Baptist Church in Conway, AR in November of 1979, Dr. Henry raises up Abraham as the prime example of one who materialized his faith in God into the reality of history.

In purchasing land sufficient not only to bury his wife, Sarah, but also for the many who would come after him in the Promised Land, Abraham lived out his trust that God would fulfill what he had covenanted, even when there was yet to be any substantive realization of that covenant. In the same way, Henry calls on his hearers to live their lives according to the promises of God, regardless of opposition.

What made Abraham great was not that he lived a perfect life. Even a short perusal of his story can show you he failed there. Rather, what made the patriarch great was that he lived out every aspect of his life oriented towards the true purpose of human life, where every line pointed to his Creator.