In our last posting we saw something of the timelessness of the human condition, as Dr. Henry showed the links between the worldviews of the pagan ancient world and our own postmodern age. The life without God yields the same sense of apathy tempered only by despair whenever we might happen to live.

Nu. 3: The Greatest Interview of All Time

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In a similar manner this week we will see Dr. Henry’s connection between the context of what was perhaps Christ’s most famous conversation, his dialogue with Nicodemus in John 3, and  the circumstances of so many in our own day. This sermon, given at First Baptist Church of Conway, AR in November of 1979 shows Nicodemus as an gifted intellectual and leader of his people. He was very much like a contemporary human being in that he was a stranger to the best in his own religious heritage. He could only see Jesus as a religious superstar as he understood Christ’s message in solely materialistic terms. Our society has the same myopic understanding of life. In our sensate world which cannot fathom a non-materialistic explanation for human existence, we must live lives which are undeniably carried along by the wind of the Spirit and ask ourselves which of these traits of Nicodemus we exhibit. Dr. Henry challenges us to consider a life lived only in the horizontal and material as tragically missing out on what makes the human life unique.