We are pleased to announce the Henry Center Public Lectures and Events for the 2019–20 academic year. All Trinity events are free and open to the public, and will also be made available via live stream.

God said . . . and it was so: Divine Action, Contingency, and Modern Science

The whole of the Christian tradition has affirmed that God freely acts in the world; that he created and continually sustains it, that it is subject to his providential care and miraculous intervention—and most importantly, that God acted decisively in the incarnation, death, and resurrection of Christ. Yet, in spite of this commonly held belief, there is no clear consensus among evangelicals— theologians and scientists alike—about what it means to affirm that God acts in the world. This simple affirmation is taken by some to either support or rule out various scientific proposals. More often, the affirmation is taken for granted, and the implications of affirming divine action for our theological and scientific beliefs goes unexplored. This year of the Creation Project explores how these classical affirmations bear on issues and questions raised by the natural sciences.

Fall Semester

Kevin Vanhoozer (Scripture & Ministry), September 12
“Divine Interjection: How God Puts Morphemes into Motion in the Great Theater of the World” | Learn More

Rosalind Picard (Trinity Symposium), October 17
“AI, Spirituality, and Human Flourishing” | Learn More

William Abraham (Scripture & Ministry), November 7
“Divine Action, Healing, and Providence” | Learn More

Spring Semester

Jennifer Powell McNutt (Scripture & Ministry), January 16
“Keeping Time with the Divine Clockmaker: The Charting of Sacred Chronology during the Rise of Modern Science” | Learn More

Craig Keener (Scripture & Ministry), March 12
“Signs of the Kingdom: Miracles in the New Testament and Today” | Learn More

Denis Alexander (Trinity Symposium), April 2
“Are We Slaves to Our Genes?” | Learn More

Spring Theology Conference

Divine Action and Scientific Integrity: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Covenant Theological Seminary | St. Louis, MO, March 27–28, 2020 | Learn More


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