William Greenhill on Ezekiel 37:3-14

How low, deplorable or desperate so ever the creature is, God can alter it, and that easily. These dry bones were almost dust and had almost come to nothing. Their condition was very deplorable and desperate. The prophet himself could not tell what to think of them. Did not God alter their condition quickly and with ease? He bids the prophet prophesy and say, “Hear the word of the Lord, you dry bones.” And that being done, presently the bones shake, come together, are clothed with sinews, flesh and skin, receive breath, live and stand up. Here was a wonderful sudden change wrought with great facility. God can make the dry tree to flourish (Ezek 17:24), Aaron’s rod to bud and blossom, Sarah’s dead womb to conceive, rivers in high places and springs of water in dry lands (Is 41:18). If God speaks but the word, these things are done… There is a mighty efficacy in God’s word.

~Ezekiel, Daniel, eds. Carl L. Beckwith, Reformation Commentary on Scripture, OT Vol. XII, p. 182