Dirk Philips on Acts 2:5-13

300px-PhilipsChrist has stepped forward as the peaceful Solomon, our peace and hope before God the Father. Through his apostles who were clothed with power from on high on the day of Pentecost, he has built the temple in Jerusalem, that is, the Christian congregation, and has adorned it with manifold spiritual gifts, as is clearly demonstrated in the apostolic congregation… The promise of Solomon was applied to Christ by the apostles. For that God had promised David that the fruit of his loins should sit on his throne, this was fulfilled according to the letter when Solomon became king over Israel in his father’s place. But according to the Spirit it is to be understood as the true Solomon, Jesus Christ, who has a throne which abides throughout eternity, and he is King over his congregation, over all of spiritual Israel.

~Acts, eds. Esther Chung-Kim and Todd R. Hains, Reformation Commentary on Scripture, NT Vol. VI, p. 21-22