Desiderius Erasmus on Luke 24:25-27

The Jews honor Moses almost as a god because he led the people of Israel out of Egypt, and in the desert he gave the law for them to observe and thus obtain salvation and desiderius-erasmuscome into a land flowing with milk and honey. Yet what else was that Moses than a foreshadowing of the Christ to come? He was not the Son of God; he was a slave… But Christ is the true Moses, who by means of his own power frees not only the Hebrews but also all the nations who trust in him. He frees them from the vengeance of God, he frees them from the tyranny of the devil, he frees them from the darkness of error, he frees them from shameful enslavement to sin. And when they have been washed in his blood, he leads them forth into the freedom of the Spirit, himself being their constant leader and companion, until he leads them through all the changes and chances of this life to the heavenly land, overflowing with every sort of blessedness. He brought the law of the Spirit and the gospel, a law that would not deliver physical righteousness by ceremonies and animal sacrifices but would bestow true and perfect righteousness through faith and love.

~Luke, ed. Beth Kreitzer, Reformation Commentary on Scripture, NT Vol. III, p. 486