Balthasar Hubmaier on Luke 24:28-32

Now let the priest sit down with the people and open his mouth, explaining the Scriptures concerning Christ, so that the eyes of those who are gathered together may be opened, which were still somewhat darkened or closed, so that they may recognize Christ, Balthasar_Hubmaierwho was a man, a prophet, mighty in works and teaching before God and all the people, and how the highest bishops among the priests and princes gave him over to condemnation to death and how they crucified him, and how he has redeemed Israel, that is, all believers. The priest shall also rebuke those who are foolish and slow to believe all the things that Moses and the prophets have spoken, that he may kindle and make fervent and warm the hearts of those at the table, that they may be afire in fervent meditation of his bitter suffering and death in contemplation, love and thanksgiving, so that the congregation with its whole heart, soul and strength calls out to him: “Stay with us, O Christ! It is toward evening, and the day is now far spent. Abide with us, O Jesus, abide with us. For where you are not, there everything is darkness, night and shadow, but you are the true Sun, light and shining brightness. The one whose way you illuminate cannot go astray.”

~Luke, ed. Beth Kreitzer, Reformation Commentary on Scripture, NT Vol. III, p. 490


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