In his exegesis of Colossians 3:10, John Davenant follows much of the patristic and medieval tradition in asserting that the image of God is located in the mind. Building on Paul’s teachings here and elsewhere, however, he argues that this imperfect image is not coextensive with the true image of God in humanity, which awaits supernatural re-creation into conformity with the nature and will of God.

The Natural Image and the Redeemed Image

We allow . . . that a certain image of God is found in the natural faculties of the mind, which may be called the image of the natural creation. Nevertheless we affirm, both in this passage and every other of Paul, that this image of God (which may be called the image of the supernatural re-creation) is not placed in the powers, faculties or qualities themselves of the native soul but in the rearrangement, sanctification, and confirmation of these according to the nature and will of God.

Exposition of Colossians 3:10.

Philippians, Colossians, ed. Graham Tomlin, Reformation Commentary on Scripture, NT vol. XI, p. 222.